How Green Coffee got me married in just 3 months?

Why am I writing this article?

I am a 25 year old from Delhi. I weigh 55 kilos and work in a school. I am leading a happy life with my husband and one beautiful kid. Everything is going well, but behind this happiness lays a story of a horrific ordeal that I went through. Excess weight had once made my life a living hell and I know how horrific it is for a marriageable girl to be overweight in India. I will tell you the entire story of my pleasant transformation and my secret of how to lose weight.

My story

I was a little overweight since childhood and by the time I reached high school I had put on even more weight. In college years, I became so heavy that it was difficult event to walk and people used to throw comments like:

  • ?Moti Amma?,
  • ?Tuntun?,
  • etc.

Everyone used to give me weight loss tips and most people used to offer suggestions on how to lose weight without asking. Teens my age used to address me and ?Auntiji? and my self esteem was sinking. I was 82 kilos now and I used to avoid everybody, did not like to go out and became an introvert. I tried so much for losing weight:

  • strict dieting,
  • hours in gym,
  • walking for many miles,
  • only healthy diet,
  • Doctors,
  • Ayurveda,
  • Thyroid checkup,
  • Yoga.

I tried everything under the sun to somehow lose weight.

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As I was approaching marriage age, my parents were getting worried and I also wanted to settle down in life. Whenever any boy and their parents used to come and see me for arranged marriage, they used to go back disappointed. I posted my picture on matrimonial websites but only getting matches from very fat boys. My parents also started to persuade me to compromise and marry a very fat person. One day, a boy?s parents actually gave me weight loss tips.

One more thing, a lot of people suggested diet pills and slimming pills but these have dangerous side effects and are a ploy to defraud desperate individuals. Someone suggested that extreme exercise is the best way to lose weight but if you spend six hours in the gym, what else remains in life.

One day, while surfing on internet I read an article on a reputed website named ?Green Coffee for weight loss?. I had heard so much about Green Tea earlier but Green Coffee? I remembered that once someone had told me that Bollywood actresses are using this coffee to lose weight naturally but I had not paid much attention then. I researched a lot and what I could understand startled me! Going deep in the subject, I realized that many reputed nutritionists, doctors and health practitioners were vouching for positive effects of Green Coffee and Green Coffee weight loss was in fact a reality. I immediately ordered Green Coffee from the official website. The package arrived in a few days safely. I read the instructions and started drinking Green Coffee with:

  • breakfast,
  • lunch,

up to two to three cups a day.

Then the miracle happened!

You know what, I lost full 12 kg in two weeks! I became:

  • visibly thinner,
  • my face started glowing,
  • my hips,
  • belly shrunk.

For the first time in my life, I started to believe that I could slim down. I continued to eat everything because I was sick of dieting.
Next week, I lost 12 more kilos:

  • my face had totally changed,
  • my tires melted,
  • I could see my chinbone for the first time in my life.
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I had to rush to get a new set of smaller size clothes. All this had an immediate positive psychological effect on me and my self confidence increased dramatically. With these results, I went to the temple to thank God but cried later that day that if I had known about this magical and simplest of remedies before, I would not have wasted so many years of my life. Now for the first time, boys started to stare at me and everyone was seeking my advice on how to lose weight fast.

Within 2 months, I dropped to 56 kilos and when I posted my new profile on matrimonial website, there was a flood of matches. I still remember when my husband had come to see me with his parents and we immediately knew we were made for each other. I always say that my father performed Kanyadaan for me but it is the Green Coffee which arranged my marriage!

I am now regularly called for panel discussions on how to lose weight naturally and my story also featured in another article on a reputed magazine named ?how to lose weight at home?. I feel that when I can do it every other fat girl can do it too. The benefits of Green Coffee are not much publicized, probably because it will close down:

  • many Pharmaceutical companies,
  • expensive gyms,
  • slimming drugs shops.

Instead of a conclusion

According to a research conducted by National Academy of Nutrition, USA, Green Coffee has been found to be 100% effective without any side effects and unlike other products it is very cheap too. So friends, this is my little story on how to lose weight at home.

One caution, always buy Green Coffee from this official website because there are many fakes out there on internet to scam common people like us.

Saurabh Kapil

Sex consultant, –°opywriter

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